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Establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals


In just three steps, TM provides you with all the requirements you need to register a company in Dubai, domicile in Dubai and business registration

Registering an offshore company in Dubai or the UAE can only be done through a registered agent, starting with identifying the type of activity you wish to engage in and conducting the necessary economic and feasibility studies to help you with it. We will help you choose the right project and choose it for you Appropriate trade name, in addition, we will help you obtain security clearance, help you prepare all the documents required to complete the registration of the investment project, and assist you with the residency procedures to facilitate you and your family in the UAE.

All you need to do is make an appointment to meet with one of our TM specialists or communicate with us via our website to discuss the details of the business activity you wish to undertake and provide them with all the necessary personal documents, and we will complete all your representations with various government agencies Steps to get a business license in Dubai as soon as possible.

Also learn about our excellent services for your investment in the UAE from Feasibility Studies for Dubai Projects and help you finance your projects through our investors.


Why choose Dubai?

Dubai was ranked first in the Financial Times' 2018 FDI Global Best Performing Report, which confirms that Dubai is better than London, Paris, Dublin and Singapore, as it appeared in all the best places to invest in the 2018 global rankings in the report. The "Foreign Direct Investment Market" index. , which monitors data on global capital flows and new foreign direct investment projects, and the "FDI" index report, which identifies the world's largest FDI locations by benchmarking comparisons.

From this perspective, all eyes are on the UAE, the ideal country to realize your investment dreams and do business, and our mission here is to get your business license in a matter of days.

The time it takes to obtain a business license in the UAE depends on the type of activity you wish to engage in and the legal form of the company. Some business activities require the approval of multiple federal or government agencies, but the Dubai government always guarantees unparalleled facilities and services to all investors. It has to make Dubai an ideal destination for doing business and setting up a company. There are many medium and large companies that want to get involved in overseas projects, but want to work in a specific area of ​​their business area, not at the main company headquarters where offshore companies are allowed to work on such projects

No capital required

100% owned by foreign investors

Affiliates are not required to register their business in the UAE

Can appoint directors and directors in your company

Ability to transfer all profits and capital to the investor's country

Communicate with us over the internet the ability to register a company and we will take all steps and endeavor to do this on your behalf

Complete exemption from personal and corporate income tax

Issue all documents required by the company within a few days

A wide range of commercial activities under the same license

Dubai Free Zone

The Dubai Free Zone is an area that has a special status different from other areas in that it is a duty free zone, in addition to the existence of a duty free zone that allows investors to manufacture, import or export various goods except for trade or restructuring. Most FTZs are generally located in strategically important locations such as seaports, airports, and national borders, and all aim to expand commercial advantages.

The UAE has more than 30 free zones spread across the various emirates, which greatly helps attract foreign investment in the form of a group of companies working to increase the UAE's GDP that specialize in the Regional or specific trade activities and free trade zones in the UAE facilitate the procedures for setting up investment companies in Dubai, the most important of these facilities is that these free trade zones are fully owned by investors 100% of the company, apart from the lack of bureaucratic procedures and hands-off companies affairs.

*How TM Can Help You

At TM , we strive to articulate all standards and business needs so that we can provide professional and reliable advice on current laws and regulations, inform clients of all their rights, and provide cost-effective solutions that fit their needs and budget.

Book an appointment today with one of our experts to answer all your questions and inquiries about starting a business.


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