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Company incorporation

TM offers a range of innovative solutions to help you do business in Dubai.

It also provides you with all the services you need to start and grow your business, whatever your activity, and the best options for your business, whether in a free zone or on the mainland. At TM , we provide you with a range of innovative business solutions to get you on the right track and help you start your business in the world's best incubators and business incubators.

We strive to meet all your business requirements

Establishing start-up companies

Opening a branch of an existing company

industrial facility

Dubai is considered to be the most attractive region for investors and investments both locally and globally due to its excellent infrastructure and innovative business hub, ensuring rapid growth of your business. That's why we help you master your company registration and complete all transactions and government documents as quickly as possible, as the TM team will accompany you step by step through all stages of registration in order to understand all operations in a transparent and accurate manner. Cooperation to inform and ease.

If you are looking to open a branch for a startup outside or within Dubai, TM Consultants has everything you need to do this with a quick, easy and clear process. The TM Consulting team will guide you through all the necessary steps to open and operate your company's branch office as quickly as possible. And assist in creating a thriving investment climate to support your investment activities in Dubai.

The TM team provides the necessary permissions to the competent authorities for your facility to operate on your behalf. We also handle all procedures starting from issuing industrial production licenses, obtaining business cards and appointing service representatives, in addition to renewing services, adding partners and many other services you may need. TM can meet all your business needs and requirements.

Business Brainstorm

How can We help you?

As a leading provider of company registration and business solutions in Dubai, TM 's team of business consultants can help you speed up your company registration process and preserve your business name.


You can count on TM to complete all procedures for registering a company in Dubai in record time, with no hidden fees and no hassle, once all your documents are ready.

incorporation services

We provide you with full support in all matters related to company registration and processing all transactions to help you start your business in a free zone or mainland, as well as business activities of any size.

Renovation Services

TM offers license renewal services and packages in partnership with a team of consultants and experts who will take on the task of renewing your business license and changing the activities your company offers without any problems.

Banking Services

Benefit from the immediate opening of a bank account with TM after the establishment phase, without the need to submit any additional documents or visit the bank, and in the shortest possible time with a team dedicated to handling legal transactions.

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