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Emirates Transport and NIV Investments sign an agreement to establish a project for new energy vehic

On the sidelines of the Efes Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit, which was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Emirates Transport and China's NEV Investment signed a memorandum of understanding paving the way for studying opportunities to establish a joint venture to develop, build, market, operate and manage the new energy vehicle project in the United Arab Emirates.

The memorandum represents an important step towards accelerating the new energy vehicle project in the UAE, which consists of 4 basic components: investment, infrastructure, research and development, as well as manufacturing, as this project is a prelude to the production and sale of electric vehicles in the country.

What is the connection between this project and the “Make in the Emirates” initiative and the 300 billion project?

This project is in line with the Make in the Emirates initiative and the 300 billion project, which are part of the country’s industrial strategy, which aims to raise the contribution of the manufacturing sector to the country’s economic output. The joint venture is also expected to generate new job opportunities while giving a strong boost to small and medium-sized companies. and local.

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Referring to the signed agreement, Faryal Tawakkul, Acting CEO of Emirates Transport, said, "The company is proud to become part of this kind of development in the fields of sustainable transportation solutions and the electric vehicle industry in the UAE.

She added: "Emirates Transport has been one of the pioneers in the transport sector in the country for more than four decades, and today it continues this leadership by playing a pivotal role in the forefront of this broad trend towards the manufacture and adoption of the use of electric vehicles, which is consistent with local and international government trends to reduce consumption fuels in the transportation sector by searching for viable and more sustainable alternatives to the environment.”

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During the summit, Emirates Transport, in cooperation with the Chinese company, presented two Henry Mini Tiger vehicles as the first new Chinese energy vehicles in the UAE. The two companies were also keen to discuss ways of communication and closer relations with many participating parties, focusing on institutions, companies and influential government officials related to electric vehicles from all over the world. Discussions during the summit were not limited to new energy vehicles, but also extended to the infrastructure components of electric vehicles, including fast charging stations, after-sales services, the establishment of logistics centers for spare parts, the Internet of Things, and electric cables.

And more more.

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