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Foreign investments in local stocks amounted to 13.7 billion dirhams since the beginning of 2022

The net investment of non-Arab foreigners in local stocks has risen to more than 13.7 billion dirhams since the start of the current world 2022, in light of the attractiveness of the UAE state and the strong performance of the listed companies, with the main support of the strength and solidity of the country's economic foundations.

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استثمارات الأجانب في الأسهم المحلية تصل إلى 13.7 مليار درهم منذ بداية 2022

Abu Dhabi and Dubai financial market data

A monitoring conducted by the Emirates News Agency based on the data of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi financial markets showed that non-Arab foreign investors made purchases in the local stock markets with a value of 51.1 billion dirhams during the first five months of 2022, compared to sales of nearly 37.7 billion dirhams in the same period, with a net An investment of 13.7 billion dirhams as a purchase proceeds.

According to the monitoring that was conducted, it was shown that the purchases of non-Arab foreign investors in the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange amounted to about 36.9 billion dirhams since the start of this year, compared to sales of nearly 25.1 billion dirhams, with a net investment of 11.8 billion dirhams as a purchase proceeds.

How much did foreign investors buy in the Dubai Financial Market?

The purchases of non-Arab foreign investors in the Dubai Financial Market amounted to about 14.2 billion dirhams since the start of this year, compared to sales of about 12.3 billion dirhams, with a net investment of more than 1.88 billion dirhams as a purchase proceeds.

It is likely that the local stock markets will continue to attract more foreign investments in light of the strong financial performance of the listed companies along with a number of first public offerings and major listings, which included Borouge, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Abu Dhabi Ports, Vertiglobe, ADNOC Drilling, and Alpha Abu Dhabi, and a multiplay set.

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