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Minister of State for Youth Affairs: Young people have proven to the world competence in leadership

Within the session of the Millennium Generation Leading the World at the World Economic Forum, Minister of State for Youth Affairs Shamma Al Mazrouei confirmed that successive global crises have produced a new generation of young leaders who have redefined leadership concepts to become based on innovative values, active participation, and joint action, to create their own Global future trends, and create more stable and sustainable solutions.

Al Mazrouei indicated that the UAE state, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, "may God protect him" and the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the State, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, "may God protect him", placed confidence in the youth and worked to invest Their energies, believing that youth are the source of the greatest hope, and today they are reaping the fruits of that insightful vision to establish an advanced experience in building youth capacities while involving them in leading quality projects and initiatives, in addition to designing solutions to future challenges.

According to His Excellency the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, the developments that this generation experienced exceeded all imaginations, and shortened long decades of the process of human development and civilization in a few years, during which the new generation witnessed the transition from the real world to the virtual at an accelerating pace, in addition to digital and smart transformation in various aspects of life, and innovating unprecedented solutions in advanced technology, as others have developed at the climatic, educational, health, and other vital sectors.

Al Mazrouei added that the success achieved by governments is to enhance investment in young human capital, build the capabilities of their talents, attract minds, and provide them with skills and future tools, as they represent the most important factors for their excellence and leadership in the process of creating the future.

All the speakers in the Millennium Generation session leading the world emphasized the importance of the government’s approach and major companies in the private sector to prepare an attractive and stimulating environment for young people, ensuring the development of their skills on a sustainable basis, while enabling them to participate effectively in designing and implementing the future, and leading development efforts in the sectors most related to the lives of societies around the world.

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The United Arab Emirates participated in the World Economic Forum with a high-level delegation. The delegation included a number of ministers, government officials, and senior officials in the government of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Seven ministers of the UAE government spoke in key sessions covering the most vital future sectors.

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