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Real estate companies offer facilities to attract tenants in Sharjah

Recently, it has been seen that many real estate companies have offered a lot of facilitation offers on real estate, in order to stimulate demand and work to attract more tenants.

These offers included giving the tenants a number of free months in the contract, which amounts to 3 full months completely free of charge.

This is in addition to giving tenants free parking, and among the distinctive facilities provided by real estate companies in Sharjah is the provision of the option to pay the rental value in 12 installments, in addition to the exemption from the commissions collected.

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Results of facilities for real estate companies in Sharjah

These huge facilities provided by real estate companies in Sharjah have greatly stimulated demand in the residential rental train, in addition to increasing competitiveness in the markets. And all this is positive for real estate management companies, so that all their units are vacant, and provide rental offers at reasonable prices.

Real estate company offers in the summer in Sharjah

A number of real estate management companies in Al-Sarqa have offered many distinctive facilities during the summer, which they called the "Summer Offer", in which they focused on providing the tenants with many distinctive facilities, the most prominent of which are:

  • 3 months free in the contract.

  • Free parking.

  • The possibility of paying the rent monthly in 12 installments

  • Exemption from commissions imposed on tenants.

A number of tenants announced that there are special offers for the summer season, that is, they will be launched especially during this season. Also, these offers are increasing significantly, and this is since the month of July.

These offers and facilities were extended to provide flexibility in negotiating the rental value in a better way, meaning that these facilities are not limited to value-added services only.

Increasing competition in Sharjah real estate markets

The offers and facilities offered by some real estate companies in Sharjah contributed to increasing the competitiveness of the markets, as well as increasing the expectations of other special offers appearing in the coming period and during the summer season.

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Attracting more tenants to residential units

A number of real estate brokers confirmed that the summer season and the simultaneous occurrence of facilities by real estate companies in Sharjah resulted in an increase in attracting investors in residential units. This will make residential events vacant for a large period, which clearly stimulates the housing rental market.

Benefits of facilities in renting units in Sharjah

Therefore, the facilities set up by some real estate companies in Sharjah are considered a positive indicator in the markets and for these companies as well. As it will contribute significantly to increasing the elasticity of supply and demand, and will activate the business of real estate management companies. Also, most of the residential units will not remain vacant for a long time, thanks to the rental offers offered by these companies at reasonable prices, as well as the wonderful facilities packages, which provide financial value to the tenants.

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