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Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Reaching a Deal

In just three steps, TM provides you with all the requirements you need to register a company in Dubai, domicile in Dubai and business registration

It's no secret to any of us that the UAE is a popular investment destination for anyone looking to invest in the Arab region and across the Middle East. Among the seven emirates, Dubai is the most visited by tourists and investors, due to its strategic location, rich investment market and rapid development, besides its appearance, it also offers many, many things to investors and business owners. Advantages and facilities.

A Dubai company is a legal entity registered with the Dubai Ministry of Economic Development and is governed by the UAE Commercial Companies Law (Federal Law No. 2 of 2015).

It offers investors many advantages. If you want to register a company in Dubai, no matter its size, big or small, there are many procedures and steps to go through.

TM will provide you with all the information you need to do business in Dubai

Such as the necessary procedures to incorporate a project in Dubai, investment opportunities in Dubai and many other details...

What are the steps to register a company in Dubai?

Determining the nature of the company's business or activities

first time admission

Select business location

Statement of the authorities involved in the activities of the institution

Trade name registration.

get a license

Let's find out the details together...

Steps to start a business in Dubai

The UAE government offers many perks and facilities to help investors to carry out investment activities on their land, but there are some steps that need to be followed carefully to get your project off to a good start.

These procedures are divided into several stages...

Companies are divided into three categories according to their business activities:

· commercial


· Artificial

Identifying the company's activities, in turn, helps to determine several things, the most important of which are the nature of the company, the legal form, and the parties that must obtain consent. Below are the legal forms of companies and activities that can be carried out in the UAE:

Determining the legal form of the company

The legal form of your company must be specified to determine its nature and to register your business with relevant agencies such as the Economic Development Agency

Companies are divided into five categories according to their legal form:

- limited liability company

- Solidarity with society

- Public joint stock company

construction company

- Private Joint Stock Company - Initial Registration

You can get preliminary approval after completing the initial steps to register a company in Dubai to help you get approval for all companies related to the activity (if required), but foreign investors must first obtain approval from the Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Only then can the first license be obtained.

Select business location

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a location:

The new licensee or national partner must be the same as the owner or partner of the existing license on the site

Citizens cannot have more than 10 licenses in total, subject to multiple licenses at the same site

The site area of ​​the company shall not be less than 200 square feet

Approvals of the authorities concerned with the activity of the establishment

The various activities of the company require approvals from authorities concerned with the company’s activity, which you can inquire about at the Department of Economic Development, including:

The Ministry of Economy for insurance activities

- Ministry of the Interior for transport related business

The Ministry of Justice for activities concerned with providing legal advice

- Civil Defense for the activity of selling firefighting equipment

Trade name registration

A company's trade name plays a key role in determining the type of license it receives. When choosing a trade name, several criteria and conditions must be met, the most important of which are:

The name does not contain inappropriate language and does not violate public morals

The name may not be copied or used by any other company

Company name reflects its business

get a license

Attach the required documents for the above steps and submit them to the Department of Economic Development

Pay for business license
Chamber of Commerce Member Registration

To register as a Chamber member, the following requirements must be met:

A copy of the license issued by the relevant authorities in the Emirate of Dubai.

Authorized signature on the Authorized Signature Card, provided the signer's card is obtained from one of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce branches, and copies of passports of all authorized signers. (A power of attorney is only accepted after a notarized contract or power of attorney is signed). A copy of the Articles of Association (Memorandum of Association) applicable to LLCs and branches of foreign companies.

Submit a copy of the company registration certificate (this applies to companies operating in a free zone). Pay the fee (if not paid with the license grant fee (Department of Economic Development).

Submit a copy of the company registration certificate (this applies to companies operating in a free zone). Pay the fee (if not paid with the license grant fee (Department of Economic Development).

Now that you are a member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, you can start your project and start your business.

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