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The cost of establishing a company in Dubai


In just three steps, TM provides you with all the requirements you need to register a company in Dubai, domicile in Dubai and business registration At TM , we list all costs associated with your business on your behalf at minimal cost, allowing you to know the total cost of your project before you start, with no hidden fees. We get a lot of questions about whether it is expensive to invest in Dubai and how much it costs to set up a company in the UAE. First of all, we expressly express and assure you that our working team will fully support you, your business team and your partners in all steps and ways to set up your own company in Dubai State and obtain the license by estimation. There are no hidden fees for your company, while facilitating and simplifying the process of setting up a company and dealing directly with investors.

The most important first step is to understand all the costs of starting a business. If you are planning to open a trading company in Dubai, you should choose the option that can understand the cost, such as: B. How big or small is the company, how many employees and where do you want to set up the company? Therefore, you need to know the required fees, because in addition to obtaining visas for company employees, you will also need to pay to obtain a new business license. There is a cost to sponsoring employees and providing them with the necessary visas and paperwork to enable them to reside in the UAE.

The cost of setting up a company in Dubai is mainly limited to:

1. Cost of Business Permit "Cost of Business Permit in Dubai Free Zone" (License to do business).

2. The cost of the location of the company or office where you intend to do business (annual rent for the office or the cost of purchasing a new office).

3. Office furniture and decoration costs.

4. Work permit and visa fees for employees sponsored in your company's name.

5. Open a bank account in the name of the company and deposit the minimum required funds according to the nature of your company. The legal form of the company also plays a decisive role in the rise or fall of start-up costs, eg industrial companies have higher start-up costs than commercial and freelance companies.

The cost of registering a company in Dubai is mainly limited to:

License Type:

1. Trade license: It is a trade license for companies engaged in general trade or specialized commercial activities.

2. Industrial License: This is an industrial license to establish business activities and companies engaged in manufacturing and manufacturing.

3. Professional licenses: Professional licenses include professions, services, craftsmen and specialists.

4. Tourism License: For businesses providing tourism and hospitality related services in the UK.

Regarding the cost of living for investors:

In 2019, the UAE introduced a 5-year or 10-year long-stay visa system for certain categories such as investors, entrepreneurs and professionals, which can be automatically renewed if the same conditions are met.

This new system allows UAE residents, expatriates and their families who wish to come to the UAE to work, live and study the opportunity to obtain long-term residency without the need for UAE sponsors with a 100% ownership quota in the country’s emirate to require a local partner in the country Hold not less than 51% of the shares in business and investment projects in the emirate

Setting up a company in a free zone: You should know that each free zone has different steps and fees as well as registration costs Companies wishing to do business in a free zone have more flexibility to choose business and service activities that suit the nature of their work and enjoy tax exemptions, which is one of the biggest attractions for many contractors, helping to turn things around and improve investors in setting up. Company and business experience.

*How TM Can Help You

At TM , we strive to articulate all standards and business needs so that we can provide professional and reliable advice on current laws and regulations, inform clients of all their rights, and provide cost-effective solutions that fit their needs and budget.

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