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Start your business with easy and simple steps

TM Company to establish and register your company and projects in the UAE

Ongoing support and follow-up

Ongoing support and follow-up

We follow up our clients permanently before and after the establishment stage

Comfortable work environment

Comfortable work environment

We provide flexible and comfortable workspaces that meet your business requirements

Opening bank accounts

Opening bank accounts

Opening bank accounts and facilities for our customers and exclusive to support the start of doing business immediately

We help you explore the UAE market

We help you explore the UAE market

Documented strategies and studies to help you make the right decision

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Why TM ?

TM is a business consulting firm focused on communication and providing our partners with creative business solutions. We are located in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Starting a business in the United Arab Emirates has never been easier, mastering it will make things easier. If you are looking for a business partner to facilitate your company formation in the UAE and launch your dream platform with ease, please contact our team for assistance.

Establish in two steps
within 14 days

We commit to you until the end
We follow you step by step

Services after incorporation
Ongoing support

Establish in two steps

We make you start your business as soon as possible

1-CID Approval

We help you manage all transactions, scan all required documents, and obtain permits and approvals from all relevant departments and bodies as quickly as possible.


2- Business Establishment

- Issuing the commercial register
- Issuing the establishment contract
- Issuing the certificate of incorporation
- Extracting the origin card
- Approval of the Ministry of Economy
- Approval of the Trade Customs
- A lease documented by the Department of Land and Property
- Signing the power of attorney

Advantages of investing in Dubai

حوافز استثمارية.jpg
Various investment incentives
اعفاء ضريبي.jpg
Tax exemption
الاقامة في الامارات.jpeg
Three years residency
الوصول الى اسواق الخليح.jpg
Access to the Gulf markets
الرسوم الاضافية.jpg
No hidden fees
اقتصاد منفتح.webp
Open economy

In cooperation with All government departments


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